11+ Foundation

The GL exams in Warwickshire require pupils to know year 6 skills and topics by the end of year 5.  For most children, preparing over a two year course is an invaluable way to cement understanding and gain in confidence by benefitting from extra professional input from Year 4through to the examination.

 Our Year 4 Head Start course introduces pupils to the main 11+ subjects: English, Maths and Non Verbal Reasoning.  We work on building solid Maths and English foundations by focusing on basics and common topics while  gradually introducing pupils to the GL style questions and format of the exams.

In order to help pupils deal with tricky questions we incorporate structured group discussions backed up by 11+ exercises. It will help all pupils to become more independent in their learning. Our sessions are fast-moving, interesting and help build pupils’ confidence. They are also fun!

Research shows building this foundation makes students more receptive to learning GL style questions in Year 5. Therefore Our 11+ course for Year 4 students is the perfect starting point on your child's 11+ journey!!

Group sizes -  Between 2 and 5 students

Resources - We provide all resources. The 11+ is paper based so most of our work is also paper based. We expect students to bring stationery and a thesaurus to each lesson.

Curriculum - We cover absolutely ALL topics that are likely to appear in the11+: Maths, English, Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning. Our curriculum is  thorough and students progress extremely well when they have regular attendance and complete homework tasks.

Progress papers - For silver and gold package students we provide an end of half term progress paper revisiting the topics covered during the half term so that we can track progress. The format of the papers is the same as the 11+ exam and is thus invaluable extra practice, alongside our mock exams, at mastering the intricacies of the 11+ exam style.  

Availability: A combination of foundation and year 5 lessons are held Monday -Thursday 4-5pm, 5-6pm and 6-7pm. The English gold package lesson is held on Fridays 4-5pm and 5-6pm

Costs:  We have 2 course options:

Gold Package: (Year 5 only)
£255 per half term
A weekly 90 minute lesson, plus access to weekly seesaw homework material to support classroom learning, an end of half term progress paper which mimics the 11+ exam format and is great extra exam practice and 10% discount off of any mock exams or half term courses booked.

Or £39 per lesson (invoiced monthly) without the homework or progress papers.

Silver package: (Year 4 and Year 5)
£198 per half term.
This includes a weekly hour long lesson, access to weekly seesaw homework material to support classroom learning and a 45 minute end of half term progress paper.

Or £26 per lesson (invoiced monthly) without any of the homework or progress papers.

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