GCSE Science

GCSE Science tuition in Rugby

A Star Tuition Rugby’s specialist tutors emphasise the inquiry, scrutiny and information sharing that is crucial to success in GCSE Science. If your child needs someone to breathe life into Biology or spark an interest in Chemistry then come and join our science tuition groups.

Our Science tuition strives to introduce a desire to further investigate the wonders of Science while helping your child prepare for GCSE exams, build his or her confidence and improve school grades.

We aim to:

  • Build Scientific Knowledge in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
  • Build conceptual understanding.
  • Explore nature, processes and methods in science.
  • Learn examination techniques in preparing for GCSE papers.
  • Our tutors work in alignment with all examination boards whether for Combined Science or Biology, Chemistry and Physics as separate disciplines.

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Keep the learning momentum

There is plenty of evidence that shows that students who attend regular tuition through to their last examination paper, benefit significantly and improve their grades.  

In particular, why not book in for an Easter revision course in Year 11 to ensure that all of the valuable weekly tuition your child is receiving is not lost in the build up to the final examinations?

Don't let the “Summer dip” strike and lose any momentum over the 6 week holiday!

Sign up for A Star Tuition Rugby’s intensive 11+ summer school which runs over the school summer holidays. We provide a 2 hour lesson, once a week covering Maths, English, Verbal reasoning, Non verbal reasoning and cloze questions.

Summer Courses & Workshops