11+ Holiday Courses

Summer Course

Has your child been preparing for the 11+ exam this academic year?

Don’t let the “summer dip” strike and lose momentum over the 6 week holidays!

Banish the summer lull by signing up to A Star Tuition Rugby’s 11+ summer course. Our course provides 6 weekly 2 1/2 hour lessons each Monday through the Warwickshire summer holidays. Our course covers main Maths, English, Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning topics and includes an 11+ mock exam and homework.  

Through varied learning techniques and games we ensure students remain stimulated, energised and engaged with their 11+ study. Due to its intensive nature it is recommended students have been having 11+ tuition before starting the summer course.

If you have Holidays booked, your child doesn't need to miss out. Materials for any lessons missed can be sent for students to complete at home, and a short zoom catch up lesson can be arranged to discuss any areas of difficulty.

The 11+ Summer course costs £295

Easter Master Class Course

Our 2 day Easter Masterclass is designed to Improve students’ basic skills, build confidence and learn how to tackle GL papers with speed and confidence.

The course runs over 2 days. 1 day will  be dedicated to 3 x 1 hour lessons in English/Verbal Reasoning, Maths and Non Verbal Reasoning with a 15 minute snack break between lessons.

On day 2 students will sit a full 11+ mock exam.

The course will cover:

  • Verbal Reasoning techniques (Cloze sentences, shuffled sentences and Vocabulary with meaning)
  • Maths skills for GL style questions in short math, long math and data math sections.
  • Non Verbal Reasoning Techniques (Nets/Cubes, matrices, codes, sequences)
  • Techniques for maximising marks
  • Practicing working at speed
  • A mock exam

The cost of the Easter Master Class is £105

Half term Classes

 During each of the Warwickshire November, February and May half terms there is a Verbal/Non Verbal Reasoning masterclass held on each Monday for 2 hours.

The course enables students to gain confidence and master the different styles of Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning questions.

The cost of each masterclass is £45.

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