GCSE Humanities


History and Geography both form a core of the humanities and help students develop a deep understanding of society and contemporary issues. Through-out primary school, History and Geography are key subjects and at secondary level right up to Key Stage 4, students must continue to study the humanities. At A Star Tuition Rugby, we have History and Geography tutors who can offer small group tuition to help students succeed in the humanities.

Secondary Geography Tuition

GCSE Geography

Geography is a broad subject broken down into Physical Geography and Human Geography. Physical Geography concerns natural features and key topics such as the formation of coastlines, plate tectonics and climate change whilst human geography focuses on how human activity affects the planet. Human Geography at GCSE level allows students to examine pressing issues such as environmental sustainability and effective ways to manage the world’s resources. As experienced teachers, our tutors can equip students with geographical research and investigative skills as well as  explain concepts and theories within Geography that can often be difficult to grasp.  

Secondary History Tuition

GCSE History

GCSE History is both an exciting yet difficult at times as students must re-member vast details of historical facts and events as well as learn skills in argumentation and source analysis. At A Star Tuition Rugby, we have many experienced history teachers who know the best way to succeed in this challenging qualification. Like Geography, a good grasp of History allows students to better comprehend the world around them – History syllabuses might require students to look at such diverse topics as the reign of the Tudors in England to the development of medicine through the ages from Ancient Egypt to present day. GCSE History is a respected qualification and puts individuals in good stead to pursue a range of careers from law to journalism.

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There is plenty of evidence that shows that students who attend regular tuition through to their last examination paper, benefit significantly and improve their grades.  

In particular, why not book in for an Easter revision course in Year 11 to ensure that all of the valuable weekly tuition your child is receiving is not lost in the build up to the final examinations?

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