GCSE Mathematics

GCSE Mathematics tuition in Rugby

Understanding mathematical concepts may be challenging and we understand the difficulties and frustrations that come with learning Maths skills. A Star Tuition Rugby make it our aim to help build students’ confidence while developing students understanding of key concepts to become more mathematically resilient

Areas often identified by parents as in need of improvement include ( but are not limited to):

Our small group Maths tuition will:

Maths for the real world

Have you ever asked, 'when will I ever use algebra after school?’

If so, A Star Tuition Rugby are the right Maths tuition provider for you. We make sure our students understand the application of mathematics in real life situations, so that abstract topics make more sense.

Please Note: Our tutors work in alignment with all the major examination boards at GCSE.

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Keep the learning momentum

There is plenty of evidence that shows that students who attend regular tuition through to their last examination paper, benefit significantly and improve their grades.  

In particular, why not book in for an Easter revision course in Year 11 to ensure that all of the valuable weekly tuition your child is receiving is not lost in the build up to the final examinations?

Don't let the “Summer dip” strike and lose any momentum over the 6 week holiday!

Sign up for A Star Tuition Rugby’s intensive 11+ summer school which runs over the school summer holidays. We provide a 2 hour lesson, once a week covering Maths, English, Verbal reasoning, Non verbal reasoning and cloze questions.

Summer Courses & Workshops