Courses and Workshops

11+ Summer school

Has you child been preparing for the 11+ exam this school year?

Don't let the “Summer dip” strike and lose any momentum over the 6 week holiday!

Sign up for A Star Tuition Rugby’s intensive 11+ summer school which runs over the school summer holidays. We provide a 2 hour lesson, once a week covering Maths, English, Verbal reasoning, Non verbal reasoning and cloze questions.

We banish the summer lull and boring book study by keeping lessons fun through varied learning techniques and games ensuring students stay stimulated, energised and engaged with their 11+ study.

Book 4 of the classes and get a September mock exam half price. Dates and times subject to change each summer so contact for further details.

Half term/Holiday Revision courses

 Are you studying towards your GCSE exams? Tired of the monotonous reading of notes? A Star Tuition Rugby takes an active approach to revision, allowing students to reconstruct revision topics in an exciting way making meaningful links and connections.

Our GCSE revision classes impress the importance of using different revision techniques. Over the 2 hour session students can sit past papers and learn how to maximise marks with a tutor. Alternatively students can create flashcards and mind maps, present a topic, take part in and create their own revision quizzes and a variety of other active revision techniques.

English as a second language course

What is a course in ESL? ESL stands for “English as a Second Language,” and these classes are designed to teach the English language to students who are not native speakers. These courses typically cover subjects such as English grammar, pronunciation, spelling, and vocabulary. They also help to improve students’ skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening to English.

The greatest advantage of joining our English language course is that it helps to improve proficiency in the English language. English is used in teaching, business, aviation, diplomacy, media, medicine, and dozens of other economic sectors. Those who speak English have a huge advantage in the global job marketplace, and students will also find English to be very useful while travelling.

Do you or any of your employees need to improve their English skills for the workplace?
Are you a skilled worker from overseas, but need to pass an English exam to find employment?

A Star Tuition Rugby’s English language courses are designed to improve English language skills for those with another native tongue. We will help you:

Our English Language courses run termly, subject to the minimum number of students sign up (A Star Tuition Rugby need 4 students for the course to start).


Below are some independent reviews posted on our Google listing. All our reviews can be viewed here.

Excellent help and support through 11 plus year. The tuition really helped and the added mock exams were a huge advantage being able to experience a the 11 plus exam structure beforehand. I would recommend this tuition company to anyone especially if sitting the 11 plus year.

Vez Tamhne

Fantastic tutors with excellent knowledge, helped me with with exam technique, revision structure and getting me through my gcse's. I would highly recommend them. If you ever need help with subjects and exams you're sure to get it here.

Liam W

Fantastic service, great tuition and 5 stars for the staff. Thanks. Highly recommended.

Matthew Owen

A really nice environment in which to learn, with helpful staff and motivating tutors.

Chris Martin

Excellent support offered. My son has grown in confidence.

Sian Bailey